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2021 Konversation

Running for Mayor

In 2017, I embarked on a campaign centered around Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice, with a firm commitment to equity. My vision was to create a more equitable Durham where every resident can enjoy a safe, inclusive, and thriving community.


In 2021, I was re-elected, and that vision remains. I continue to prioritize a sustainable future that fosters growth and opportunity while ensuring equity and shared prosperity for all of Durham.


As a dedicated leader in our community, I wholeheartedly advocate for the people of Durham, championing the cause of families and advocating for the social, economic, and environmental needs of our city. I am confident that we can continue forging ahead with a shared purpose of fostering growth and opportunity to achieve shared prosperity for all.


My journey has been shaped by diverse experiences, both positive and negative, which have made me the authentic and compassionate individual I am today. My heart is committed to service, and my passion lies in serving the people of Durham with unwavering dedication.


I hold myself accountable to those who paved the way before me and to those who will follow in our path. Together, we can build upon the foundation laid by previous generations, ensuring a brighter future for Durham's residents.


With over two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, I bring a wealth of knowledge about community needs and social issues, positioning myself as a capable leader to address complex challenges as mayor. My nearly six years of service on the city council showcases a strong commitment to public service and a firsthand understanding of local government dynamics and processes. Moreover, my expertise in community development, collaborating with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) across 17 states and Washington, DC, reflects my ability to drive economic growth and uplift marginalized communities. Throughout my time on council, I have remained a steadfast advocate for social economic justice, demonstrating my dedication to addressing inequities and fostering a fair, just and sustainable city for all residents.

As we propel our city forward, I am committed to preserving the grit and determination of Durham's culture. By acknowledging our collective history and investing in future possibilities, we can unite as human beings and forge a stronger community. Addressing the social harms of racism, economic wealth disparity, and environmental hazards requires a collaborative effort. Together, we must take proactive and lasting measures to empower residents and uplift historically marginalized areas in Durham.


Let us work together to build a resilient, sustainable, and just Bull City—a place where every resident thrives and enjoys a brighter future.

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