A Konversation with DeDreana

Fighting with love for social, economic and environmental justice for all Durham residents. Durham City Council Member DeDreana Freeman sits down with Tobias Rose to discuss how it felt to govern during the pandemic. They look to the future by discussing the long-term effects of the pandemic on cities and predicting what Durham will look like in 2040. Freeman also provides insight into her personal journey in politics and hopes for the Durham community she represents.

Bold Leadership for Equity in Durham Ward 1

DeDreana will continue fighting for working families in Durham. Join us!

Proven Leader

DeDreana has dedicated her life to demanding power for those who are most impacted by social, economic, and environmental injustices.

DeDreana has a long and broad base of experience in grassroots community-led organizing. She knows the critical immediate needs of those living in material poverty and has effectively amplified the voices of the community when immediate needs are not met or heard. She also knows that continuing to spend time and resources on bandaid work will never address the root causes of poverty and racism. She consistently raises the need for the most affected to be at the table working on solutions.

Priority Areas

  • Community Health & Safety

  • Environmental Justice

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Jobs & Economic Growth

  • Transportation & Sustainable Housing

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P.O. Box 222, Durham, NC 27702

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