Statement from DeDreana Freeman

Greetings Durham:

As your current City Councilmember, I pride myself on leading from principle. Recently, statements were made that a volunteer of a city council candidate made some inflammatory comments about another candidate.

I have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, and while no tangible proof was provided, I took steps to ensure this culprit was not within my ranks. I polled my volunteers, and I am proud to say that they each vehemently denied making those statements. I encourage all candidates to do the same with their volunteers, so we can rid each campaign of any potential rot that would take us off the path of good policymaking. There is no place for racism, sexism, classicism, xenophobia, homophobia, religious persecution, or any other sentiments that might seek to divide us as a city, county, state, nation or world.

I plan to, as I have always done, run a clean campaign. I have been consistent in my defense of other marginalized peoples and my fellow elected officials. While that defensive courtesy has not been shared with myself and many other candidates of color, I would request that other elected officials choose to lead during this time instead of elevating any inflammatory language. Real leaders can call things out without making things worse. As for my staffers and volunteers, We will be focused on the issues because that is what Durham needs.

I look forward to continuing to Serve as your WARD I City Councilmember.

Best Regards,


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